5 Tips For Keeping Raccoons Out Of Your Trash

Posted on: 9 February 2017


Raccoons may look like cute little animals, but many people consider them to be pests. One of the more annoying things that raccoons tend to do is get into people's trash and make a huge mess. If you live in an area with raccoons, you need to be diligent to keep them from causing problems in your yard. Use the following tips to keep raccoons from getting into your trash:

Secure Your Trash Can 

When you live in a place where there are a lot of raccoons, having a secure outdoor trash can is absolutely essential. If possible, purchase a trash can that has locks that secure the lid so raccoons can't gain access to your trash. In the event that you can't upgrade your trash can, consider placing bungee cords through the trash can handles to secure the lid, or place a heavy brick on top of the lid.

Limit the Smell of Trash

Raccoons have a very keen sense of smell, and they typically use their nose to find trash to dig around to look for food. One way to keep raccoons away is by limiting the smell of your trash-- consider double bagging your trash to help prevent strong odors. There are also a few smells that raccoons are known to dislike, such as ammonia and mothballs. You may want to try spraying the inside of your trash can with ammonia or sprinkling moth balls around the outside of your trash can.

Scare Away Raccoons

Since raccoons are nocturnal creatures, they will typically get into trash during the dark of night when everyone is sleeping. You can try to scare raccoons out of your yard by installing motion-detected lights in the area of your trash can or setting up a motion-detected sprinkler that will spray the raccoon.

Eliminate Water Near Your Trash Can

Raccoons are attracted to water near trash cans, as they use the water to wash their food as well as their hands. Eliminating water in your yard can help make it less attractive to raccoons. Never leave out your pets' water dishes, and try to remember to empty out bird baths or any other source of standing water.

Create a Deterrent

It is believed that raccoons are very particular about their paws, and there are some things they don't like the feel of. Consider sprinkling baby powder or even fine sand in the area around your trash can-- raccoons won't enjoy the feeling of these materials on their paws so they will be more likely to stay away.