Keeping Your Dumpster Clean And Safe While Remodeling Your Home

Posted on: 7 October 2015


When you remodel your home, you will want to rent a roll off container to use as a dumpster for getting rid of excess debris during your project. Keeping your dumpster clean and safe while it's on your property will help make your remodeling project much easier to complete. Here are tips to keep your dumpster clean and safe while remodeling your home.

Keep objects away from the dumpster

It may be convenient to place boards, window glass, and other items against your dumpster until you have time to place them in the unit, but this can pose a hazard to children, pets, and curious individuals. Keep all debris, ladders, and climbable objects away from your dumpster so people don't trip on them--or worse, use them as climbing tools to get into the dumpster. Keep the lids open only when the dumpster is in use to keep pets and children from accidentally getting inside.

Be careful with liquids

Paint, oil, tar, and other liquids should never be placed in a dumpster unless you using a company who handles hazardous waste. Contact your dumpster rental facility to see what you should do with these items. Some companies will remove them from your property for you at a small fee so you don't have to discard these items yourself. Other liquids that are safe for your roll off container to handle should be placed in sealed containers to prevent spills and stains within the unit.

Wrap pointy or sharp objects

Nails and screws should be placed in a container before being thrown away, and glass should be wrapped in paper or foam sheets prior to putting them in your dumpster. This makes transport to the dumpster safer and keeps the unit free of loose debris that can be potentially dangerous.

Spray your dumpster

If you are throwing away food products or containers as part of your remodeling project, spray your dumpster with a power washer to remove all food particles from rotting inside the unit. Have your dumpster removed as soon as it is full to prevent rotting food from attracting animals and insects from ransacking your unit. Your dumpster rental company will bring you a fresh roll off container in its place so you can continue your project without interruption.

Your dumpster should be useful for your project. Part of keeping your dumpster in its best condition is taking measures when throwing away certain items and making sure your unit is kept clean. In using these tips during your remodeling project, you can enjoy the convenience of a large dumpster no matter how much stuff you throw away.