How To Organize A Cleanup Project For Your Church

Posted on: 30 September 2015


Whether you have moved into an older church that requires a huge cleanup project or whether you are planning to do a major cleanup project at your existing facility, you are probably facing many hours of hard labor. Here are some ideas that might help you to get the job done efficiently. Hopefully you and the other members of your congregation can have a good time while you're working, too.

Put Out The Word - Remember that there will even be little jobs that will need attention. Little children will probably be very willing helpers! Think about putting out the word three or four weeks before the actual day of your work party and then follow up with announcements every Sunday during worship services. Besides the spoken word, posters and handouts are a great way to spread the news that you'll be having fun while you work.

Set Up Teams - If each person has a clear understanding of what his or her job is, the project will probably go smoothly.

  • For example, little children paired with teenagers would be a great combination. Little hands can clean baseboards and the bottom of walls while taller teens are doing the work on the top of the walls.  Those who aren't up to heavy lifting or other heavy work may be comfortable working with somebody as drawers and cabinets are emptied and wiped out with a good cleanser.
  • Teams are also a good idea for window washing. One person cleans the outside window with up-and-down strokes while another person cleans the inside of windows with sideways strokes. Not only do the windows get cleaned faster, but the workers can see which side of the window needs extra attention.

Arrange For Items That Need To Be Removed - This is a huge part of the project.

  • Do pews or other furniture pieces need to be literally taken out and stored while the work is being done? If so, consider having trucks available to take those items to a storage place.
  • What about items that will be donated to charity? It might be a smart move to set up a date for a charitable organization to pick up things you will no longer be using. For example, toys and books that are in good shape but that won't be used any more might be taken to a shelter.
  • A great idea is to rent two or three large dumpsters from a company like Discount Rubbish Removal Co. The company will deliver them and pick them up when your project is complete. You'll be surprised how affordable this service is. In fact, you may consider renting the dumpsters on a continuing basis. You'll probably have garbage pickup on certain days of the week, which means that there will never be an unsightly accumulation of garbage at your church site.

Of course, everybody loves a reward at the end of a work project. Consider having something like pizza delivery or asking those who weren't able to participate to bring food to share with the members of the work party.