The Importance Of Fall Home Cleanouts

Posted on: 24 September 2015


Most home owners know how important it is to do yearly spring cleaning to get ready for those warm weather months. However, it is just as important to get in the habit of doing fall home cleaning as well. These are some ways that you and your family will benefit from giving your home a thorough cleaning every year before fall begins.

Minimize Dust 

When fall arrives, this usually means that doors and windows will be closed, air conditioning will be turned off and even some rooms may be closed off until spring. If you do not do fall cleaning, the dust that is already in your home will increase many times over with your home being closed off. There is nowhere for it to go other than to settle on top of any existing dust.

This not only makes your home look and feel dirty, but it can cause dust to circulate throughout your home and this can create a health hazard for the people who live there. If you or your family members already have problems with allergies, excessive dust could cause flare-ups to occur.

Prevent Pest Infestations 

Just like most humans stay indoors more when the weather turns cold, this is also the time when many unwanted pests attempt to get inside as well. Different types of bugs and rodents may attempt to come inside your home when the temperatures begin to drop. However, if your home is clean, this is less likely to happen.

Making sure that all trash is removed as quickly as possible, decreases the likelihood that pests will invade your home. Also, the less cluttered up your home is, the fewer inconspicuous areas there are for mice and rats to build nests for the winter.

Sell Unwanted Items 

If you have certain items that you have not used for at least six months, chances are you may not need them any longer. Sorting through the items you no longer use that are still in good condition and selling them is a great way to earn a few extra dollars every fall. This money can be used to help lighten the blow of rising utility bills that often occur this time of year.

Get Ready For The Holidays 

Once fall has arrived, it is only a few weeks until the holiday season kicks in. By doing a yearly cleanup just as fall begins, you will be more ready for holiday decorating and any holiday parties you have planned. This also makes keeping your home looking neat and tidy much easier should you have unexpected company who drop in during the holiday season.

By having a thorough house cleanout during both the spring and the fall, you can create a healthier and happier environment for you and your loved ones all year round. This also gives you more time to enjoy yourself instead of stressing about all the cleaning that needs to be done.